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'''Buddhaghoṣa''' (, ) was a 5th-century Indian Theravada|Theravada Buddhist commentator and scholar. is more specific, estimating dates for Buddhaghosa of 370–450 CE based on the Mahavamsa and other sources. Following the Mahavamsa, places Buddhaghosa's arrival as coming during the reign of King Mahanama, between 412 and 434 CE. His best-known work is the ''Visuddhimagga'' "Path of Purification", a comprehensive summary and analysis of the Theravada understanding of the Buddha's path to liberation. The interpretations provided by Buddhaghosa have generally constituted the orthodox understanding of Theravada scriptures since at least the 12th century CE. He is generally recognized by both Western scholars and Theravadins as the most important commentator of the Theravada.
Birth placeKanchipuram, South India
OccupationReligious commentator
Period5th century
SubjectTheravada Buddhism
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